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Handler 120 Not Feeding below setting 5

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  • Handler 120 Not Feeding below setting 5

    Hello, I have a Handler 120 and I'm having a feed issue at low speed. With the Tensioner flipped off it will not turn on setting 1. I can turn it up to 4 or five and put a little pressure on it with my finer and it stops. After I turn it up to 6 it feeds and has torque. I'm wondering if this is an issue with the potentiometer for the the feed motor or the motor itself ? Any input would be greatly appreciated, I am very new to this! Thanks in advance.

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    I'm sure you'd want a better answer then it could be this or that? A more specific answer requires from what I've read, a bit of testing and trouble shooting. That said, while you're waiting, for a better reply or the answer you've been hoping for, doing a bit of reading never hurt a guy. Hope it goes well for you..


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      Check the motor voltage and the rheostat voltage. Handler 6969_7144voltage tests.pdf


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        Thanks Keith. While I wish I new more about this stuff... I don't. I'm the guy who greases stuff, lol? I want you to know I'm paying attention however and one day, one day... I'm pulling cover just to test stuff.