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Broken hinge help - Oil arc weld

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  • Broken hinge help - Oil arc weld

    Hi all. New member here.

    A friend has asked me to repair a hinge on his steel gate. I have pasted a photo below.

    The gate has ripped out from the weld. I am just concerned that if I simply weld the hinge back on, then the weld will not be strong enough and it will break again in no time. I have a oil stick arc welder. Can anyone give advice on how they would repair it? Or will I have to cut out the broken steel and replace it?


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    Stuff like that usually breaks due to it being seized up from a lack of lubrication, or from being installed out of alignment. Which one was it? Free it up, lubricate it. That said, grind off the paint, refit fit and weld it, paint it red and call it a day.


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      That grease zerk still has the original paint on it? Looks like just plain old tear out of the base metal. Repeated stress every time they open and close the gate. When using those precision barrel hinges alignment is pretty critical. A gate should swing easily.