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  • Rollers

    I am using and ironman 230. Essentially a new Mig. On it I am using 0.030 flux core wire. If i put the slightest resistance on the wire as it feeds from the handle tip.... the wires curl up and bends around the rollers. I then have to pull the wire out and rethread the cord. The rollers are the standard ones that came with the welder. They are not the VK rollers. I have checked to make sure that I have my rollers rotated to the correct side for the 0.030 wire. Can anyone direct me to a resolution on the

    Dan1955 aka wannabeawelder

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    They call it bird nesting. Don't over tighten the drive rolls. Check the contact tip for obstruction. Take the point finger of your right hand and with your left point finger and thumb make a circle around it. Slide the right inside the left. That's what a free length of wire should feel like for resistance. Check for kinks in the gun cable. Drive rolls disconnected, no tip in place, pull the wire. Should pull freely.
    Could be you've overtightened drive rolls, the wire collapsed/flattened, won't fit thru a round tip hole anymore or excessively tight doing so? Don't over tighten the spindle nut for the wire spool.
    Not bad for guessing wouldn't you say? And the finger thing...priceless.


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      Has gun whip been run over or severely kinked.... Have you tried using compressed air to blow out any dirt or particles collecting in liner?....

      Sound like to much resistance to wire travel in liner and gun than a "roller" problem...


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        Make sure you checked the drive roll alignment as well. Also, the knurled rollers are better for tubular wires such as flux core as they provided better feeding with less pressure on the wire thus keeping the wires correct diameter without crushing.