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Running MVP 210 off a generator

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  • Running MVP 210 off a generator

    HELP! I need to remotely weld with my MVP 210 off a generator. (Or find a 5 mile extension cord...)I tried 2000 watt, 4000 watt and 6000watt generators with no success. I tried .035, .030 and .024 wire with and without gas with no luck. I tried every heat setting. No luck. I turned off the generator idle control so generator was blasting full speed when I tried to strike the arc. No luck. I tried both 110 and 220v outputs on generators. No luck. All I get is loud hum from the welder and tiny bubble arcs of weld with little/no penetration. When I take the welder back in shop and hook it to building 220v it works fine. Doc you gotta help me here!!

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    For MPV 210 at top end settings it takes about a 7000 watts (minimum) generator, its recommended that any generator have about 50% more capacity than welder requires so a 10,000 watt unit probably would fit the bill,,,, Suggest you use 240 Volt 30 AMP outlet on generator with proper adapter plug....

    Reason for big generator is the smaller units have small rotating mass of armature and it can not sustain momentum when you strike arc and causes generator to bog down... If generator has "sustained speed" setting suggest you use that instead of letting generator to "idle down"...

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      Hi. I had an interesting experience when trying to weld with my thermal arc 181i "inverter welder" of my Honda 5000w generator
      At first Nothing Wouldn't even light up. But later after testing the voltage at the end of a long extension lead I discovered it was putting out
      248 volts The engine was reving too high When properly adjusted the welder worked fine It was good to know that instead of burning
      something in the welder it shut itself down So maybe check the voltage at the extension cord


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        Had no issues running a 210 (non MVP) off a 6750 Propane/7500 Gasoline generator running propane. Used the 30 amp plug.
        Stickmate LX AC/DC
        Big cheap (Chinese) Anvil
        Hand cranked coal forge
        Freon bottle propane forge
        HH 210 and bottle of C25


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          Thanks guys! You are all 3 right. Looks like I need to use a stick welder or get a 10,000 watt generator that is non “inverter” type like most new generators


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            Yes, for such cases, you really need a generator. A similar one should do Generac 7043: