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    I have an old Beta Mig 250. For some reason everytime I press the trigger it blows the breaker. Has anyone else experienced this? I am hoping it has not laid it's last bead! Opened the case up and everything looks surprisingly good, although the transformer is a little rusty on the top side. Any help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated. It welded Steel, Stainless, and Aluminum perfectly for years.

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    Before you claim the welder is bad you might try swapping the breaker to make sure it did not go bad.
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      Coxhaus thanks for the reply! That was my first thought too. I tried it on three different circuits and had the same results. Then tried my plasma on same circuits and it worked fine. I'll separate the lines on my plasma at the plug and check the amperage then do the same on the mig. It's holding pressure on the gas line and will pop an arc then trips the breaker. It will trip even if not trying to weld. Was hoping someone on here might be able to help, since I have not found anyone close that even knows what a Beta-Mig is to try and repair it. I've called the manufacturer of the transformer and they referred me to Hobart, have not had success getting in touch with them. Tried to purchase a wiring diagram and bought one for another welder even though it was labeled 250. I've had it for twenty years and really hate to scrap it!


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        Is the unit being used on the same service as before? Same breaker, same service run, same outlet?


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          Having similar beta mig issues.. I recently purchased a beta mig 200 on the cheap. I replaced the frayed power cord, and the unit was originally missing the wire feed U assembly, and gun assembly, but Ebay has generic replacements for feed assembly, had a and a spare gun from earlier replacement of my handler 140's gun.. i removed the machine cover and cleaned about 1/4" of dried mud out, and realized that it has been left outside in the weather for a number of years, all connections were corroded, and most moving parts were siezed.

          i was lucky enough to find mostly complete beta mig 250 parts kit on ebay for about $60.(the parts kit had voltage selector, wire feed motor, wire feed speed pot, gas solenoid, mains contactor, and replacement trigger relay, new wire spool assembly, hi/low selection switch, and few other parts..)

          .I have been rebuilding the machine for a few days now,, but still can't get a consistent arc.. it sparks for about 1/2 second and either the wire burns up and fuses into tip or just stops working all together... I have replaced almost every part that was included in parts kit, and still can't get a good clean arc started..all voltages seem to be right on target, capacitors are all tested within specks. My next check was going to be rectifiers, but they appear to be functional and DC output is consistent for open air trigger pull...


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            Fixed, had several issues stepped thru one at time, first was 12awg line cord was 25ft, cut it down to 8ft, new replacement gun was 4m, cut it down to 7ft. Built a new gun connector block with gas porting from bullet aluminum, moved the wire feed assembly back into machine about 3/4 inch, and insulated the whole wire feed assembly to allow polarity changes, located several loose wire connections at wire feed fuse. Bridge rectifier, and relay. Now it runs a bead nice and clean at various power levels..