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  • Can't See Weld Joint

    I am very much new to making welds. A friend let me use his Miller mig welder and auto-darkening helmet last Summer to weld my snowblower. My welds were inaccurate because I couldn't see what I was welding. The mig wire completely missed the metal joint I was trying to join. A lot of grinding was needed. It was fun trying...

    Fast forward to Christmas. I bought a new Hobart Handler 190 mig welder and ANTRA AH7-860 auto-darkening helmet. This helmet has the largest viewing window available 3.86" x 3.50". Regardless, I still can't see what I'm trying to weld! It's set on #10 shade.

    The Hobart Handler came with 0.030" flux core wire. I plugged it into my 240 volt AC generator. All the paint is removed from my work piece and the #2 voltage tap is selected and ~30 IPM wire speed.
    Antra™ AH7-860 Series welding helmet is featured with the smart chip controlled 4 sensor auto darkening lens, which is extremely fast responsive to electric arc from TIG, MIG, MMA or Plasma applications. The luxury jumbo viewing area 3.78X3.50" provides a much better vision of the whole welding process, which ensures a

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    Several things I have found... More light on the area to weld by focusing shop light (quartz) where weld will take place, or put headlamp on welding helmet to focus more light on joint....

    Clean joint to shiny bright and highlight line with BLACK marking pen (white works too)...

    Add 1:00 or 2:00 or 2:5 diopter cheater lens behind the AD lens or wear reader cheaters if you are not using prescription glasses...

    Click image for larger version  Name:	WELDHEMETWITHLIGHT.jpg Views:	1 Size:	33.9 KB ID:	703082

    Not mine, but borrowed graphic from i-net for example...I personally have small LED flashlight taped to top of my helmet pending finding light I will be happy with...

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      The welding arc is very bright, but it's NOT your work task lighting! And because of the shade, you need more then you think.