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    Has anyone converted a Spool Runner 200 to .023 wire, I know the drive wheels will interchange with the Spool Runner 100 so to drive the .023 wire. The problem lies with the contact tip, the Spool Runner 200 will not accept a Spool Runner 100 contact tip .023/.025. Would you run a .030 contact tip in the Spool Runner 200 with .023 wire? Does anyone know the length and thread size of the Spool Runner 200 contact tip (either .030 or .035)? Was going to buy the Spool Runner 200 but if I can't run .023 wire that could be a DEAL BREAKER.

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    Deal breaker eh? Well, how about this. Sounds like your a guy who found a gal who cooks, cleans, looks nice, smells good, and your going saying no to commitment because you have doubts she can cook small noodles? Deal breaker?
    Ok...Maybe she needs a bigger/different pot? Maybe she needs to break the noodles to fit the pot? Maybe you need to look a little deeper into the process so you know what happens as the wire runs through the tip to decide if a .023 wire fed thru a .030 tip will be a problem and how will it present it self when it does? I'm not saying it will. Nor am I saying it won't. I'm saying the terms cast/helix/resistance heating are worth learning about. Honestly, just enough to be dangerous and get you welding, not enough to educate much past that in reading.

    I'm not sure how far or how deep you looked into this but in the interest of personal growth, it's you, not her that's the problem.

    Would you run a .030 contact tip in the Spool Runner 200 with .023 wire?" That was your question.
    My answer is yes. Understanding the wire is smaller, it may lose/change contact to the tips inner surface running out, and will probably spiral on exit a bit.

    Some more fatherly welding advice...don't take it, my response, personally.
    It was a good question. I'm was choosing to answer it in a way to agitate and prod you, maybe into deeper thinking on the subject?