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210 spool gun for steel?

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  • 210 spool gun for steel?

    Has anybody actualy tried this?,does it burn up tips and nozzles? should you always have a spare little liner soyou can switch back and forth from alum. Just curious.

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    When using steel or stainless wire you may have to adjust the drive pressure as indicated in your manual. All other items are the same in way of tips and liners, just select the correct size tip.



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      I do it all the time welding on trucks and i don't want to lift my welder up into the bed. The only thing i have noticed is after a while the drive rolls wear out with the steel wire so when it comes time to do aluminum it might not feed right. Now i use a new set for alum and my old ones for steel. The liner doesn't matter because its a steel spring anyways so don't listen to the myths that say you need to swap for alum...Bob
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