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  • Dimming Lights

    When I use my Hobart 140 the lights on the circuit dim slightly. This is a 110 machine. Is this a concern?

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    Hobart recommends that the HH140 be on a single use 20 amp circuit. It sounds like something else is on the same circuit. If you are using an extension cord, make sure that it is a 12-3 cord and not any longer than you need.

    If you are dimming the lights, you are pulling power from something else. That will hurt the performance of the machine.

    I have mine on a 25' one and it works good.

    I hope this helps. I'm sure that better info will come along if I messed up anything. Still haven't recovered from the 1500 mile drive home.
    Rick in Arkansas


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      If you are running your machine on a lighting circuit, it is most likely wired with #14 AWG wire and protected at 15 amps. The fact taht the breaker is not tripping surorises me.

      It is common for the wekder to draw enough amperage under normal operation to cause a voltage drop in the circuit, thus a dimming of the lights. The welder will operate more efficiently if you install a dedicated 20 amp circuit for it.

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        Dimming Lights

        Thanks for the info. The Circuit carrying my Garage Door openers is on a dedicated 20 amp. I can pull a 12-2 wire from this circuit to a box in my shop. As long as the openers are not on I should be OK??


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          Pulling power for welder from garage door circuit sounds ok. Should fix your problem.

          While on subject I would check size wire and breaker on circuit your using. What else is on circuit? Voltage drop at welder under load? What welder settings are you using? If you are welding 20 gage metal welder shouldn't be drawing 20 amps. I would use clamp on amp meter to know load on circuit when light are dimming. If total load is less than breaker rating might have other problems.

          Another possibility is lose connection some place maybe in breaker box or some place else. Aluminium wiring in you house?

          I had problems with dimming lights in every room and power company did new connections on pole for drop wires to meter that fixed problem. I live 2 blocks from gulf salt water which is hard on power line connectors.

          6 months ago had bad 220V 50-amp breaker that had to be replaced because of arcing contacts on one leg supplying sub panel.


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            The use of an extension cord does not cause the lights to dim, no matter what size or length the extension cord is. It can hurt the performance of the welder, but as has already been described, the voltage drop is happening in the wall.

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              Dimming lights

              The light dim so that you can see better while welding.


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                Brilliant response.

                Talk about a dim bulb in the upstairs closet.

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