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Favorite metal supplier around SoCal?

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  • Favorite metal supplier around SoCal?

    For those of you living in socal, who do you go for your metal? I moved here from St. Louis recently and don't have any connections, nor do I know who is reasonable to deal with. My volume is roughly $200 a month, but I do have the occasional project that would take more.

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    How ya like LA so far?

    IMS pretty much has Everything but their prices are a bit more than MK and over 100.00 IMS will deliver.

    Both places have a Cut off section but IMS is better pickins and they sell that stuff for the same price.

    Both shops are open on Saturdays

    Where in LA are ya?
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      the best prices

      IMS and MK are two good choices, also Queens City, but hands down for the best prices on metal is Nachos in San Fernando. Ask any of the above if they'll price match with Nachos. Be prepard to start hearing excuses. They are sometimes 40 - 50 percent cheaper on average. Ssssh don't tell everyone.

      They have a minimum but if you are on their route they will work with you.

      Good luck