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Looking for some help in Portland, OR

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  • Looking for some help in Portland, OR

    I was mostly just curious where it would be appropriate to put up a wanted ad of sorts.

    I have a 1993 BMW that ripped the rear subframe mounts out of the floor. This is a common problem on these cars, especially the ones that get driven hard or tracked. BMW (and many aftermarket suppliers) sell reinforcement plates that get welded up around the mounting points.

    The car is in my driveway. I am looking for someone to come out with a machine and weld the torn mounts back in and then weld the plates up over them.

    Its all steel and a decent mig machine is all thats required. I dont think the reinforcement plates are over 1/4" thick. 220v is available at the house

    Otherwise i could rent a machine, but that would cut into the pay a good bit.

    Price can be negotiated but i don't suspect this to be more then a two hour job. Surface prep will be done by me.

    Any suggestions or comments appreciated.