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OSHA Regulation-Hexavalent Chromium

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  • OSHA Regulation-Hexavalent Chromium

    I've been welding for years on SS without any issues. I just accepted a bid with a company that is asking about issues with chromium. the job is in a hospital and they are really safety concerned. they said that OSHA is regulating this and I need to have some gear to protect myself and the other workers in the area. the safety guy refered me to a site to get information on it:
    does anyone have any information on this, do you think the information is accurate? any experience? please help me with this.


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    This has been discussed several times at other sites. You should use the search function to look for the threads at the miller welding forum, and the AWS.ORG site as well as

    It is not as big an issue for TIG as for Stick processes. If there is a lot of smoke then there will be higher values. My understanding is that for a TIG process the levels are almost too low to be concerned about.

    We do all TIG here where I work, and we have no issues with it. We do use simple fume extractors just to be safe though, but they are probably not required.
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      thanks! didn't know about

      my project will consist of mig welding with .045 flux wire which does tend to smoke a fair amount. i checked out the site and the safety controls talk about using a source capture fume extractor. I'm going to look into that option further as i have to have something at the site within a couple of weeks prior to starting my work. thanks again.


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        Ask the hospital what they'll do to protect you from all the creepy-crawly stuff that goes around in their place.
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          Lincoln has launched an awareness campaign about the new regulations regarding Hexavalent chromium standards... we posted an article about it over on our blog:

          The new OSHA standards go into effect in May of 2010
          Info from OSHA here
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