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  • Electric Motor Question

    Hey guys I am not an electrician but I repair bandsaws and often troubleshoot electrical motors and such. I would like an opinion on a recent problem I had.

    The saw has a 10hp 460v 3ph AC motor with a Leeson motor controller on it. The operator reported the motor would only run for a minute then the entire saw would shut down hydraulics included. They called me and I started looking things over. I realized the motor controller was registering an error code of PF when the saw shut down then would reset itself and the saw could be restarted. I called leeson and found out PF means an overload. So I took the blade off the saw and ran the motor. Same Problem. I then decided I might have a gearbox issue and noticed it was leaking so I took the belt of the motor and ran it with no load. Same problem controller tripped again. I figured the motor must be bad so I removed it and took it in for a bench test. The shop tells me the motor is OK so I go back to the customer and try the controller without the motor thinking maybe the controller is NFG. It seems to be fine. I checked the line reactor and no short or problem there. I then decide to reinstall the motor in the saw and when I hook it up it runs fine. We end up reinstalling the belt and blade and do some cutting and everything appers ok.

    I am now wondering if maybe I had a loose motor connection that caused this all along. Any input from someone with some experience in this would be appreciated.

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    Go over to , they have a section on transformers, phase converters and VFD"s. They also deal with motors in that section. There is a fella named Surplus John that is really good with this stuff if you can get in contact with him. Check out the other machinist forums if you don't have any luck here. Kurt.


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      Thanks will do.