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    My first post...I have been lingering for a couple months. I am trying to get into welding mostly as a hobby. I am building a old Jeep truck for part time use and it will need a lot of welding work in the future. The previous owner decided to drill a bunch of holes all over the body and I have found several other issues where knowing how to weld would be beneficial. I can't explain it but for some reason I have always wanted to know how to weld. I have a borrowed stick welder that I have practiced using without much success. I want to purchase a MIG mainly because it is my understanding that it is easier to use and would fit my applications better.

    I have a couple questions if y'all would be so kind.
    1. Welding Classes: I was interested in taking a class but don't know/ can't find any in my area. Are these classes the type where its a couple hours, a couple days a week? I can not commit to full time school.

    2. Should I buy a welder (I was very seriously looking at the HH140) before the class, during the class, after the class or just buy a welder and try to learn how to weld by myself using videos/ literature?

    Sorry for the long post. I am a little lost and you guys seemed to be the ones to ask. Thanks
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    I would tell you don't buy anything until you take your classes, or buy something cheap and practice. Don't buy anything too expensive you might find out welding isn't your thing, and be stuck with something that collects alot of dust. Once you take a course or two you might have a better understanding of what your welding needs are ie.... The type of welder you want to buy. Good luck


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      Nothing like learning "from" somebody.

      Unless you are new to your area, there's got to be some-one
      who can coach you, No?

      Most trades-men I am aquainted with, will go the extra mile
      to share there skills, knowing how much effort could be lost
      to re-inventing the skill-wheel.

      Be creative and polite, bet Ya can find a coach!!

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        Any Junior Colleges in your area??? Evening and weekend schedules are very common with subjects like this.
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        As I have no wish to toy with anybody's life, I suggest you take this and all other posts with a certain amount of skepticism. Carefully evaluate, and if necessary, research on your own any suggestions or advice you might pick up here, especially those from my posts, as I obviously haven't the skill and experience exhibited by some of the more illustrious and more successful members of this forum. I'm not responsible for anything I say, as I drank toxic water when young.


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          I learned in a 12 week evening "Adult Education" class at a local High School. Cost $70.00 which covered all materials, and we welded every night starting with the first class. No classroom work. Covered Stick (lots) and gas (cutting, welding, and brazing)...but the MIG was broken (ends up, once you learn the other two, MIG is a snap, anyways.
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            Hi, Chuck, and welcome aboard.

            I'd recommen that the first money you spend is for a decent welding text like "Welding Essentials" by Galvery and Marlow (about $30 at most book stores).

            There are so many aspects to welding that a person with no experience can benefit greatly from what you can discover an a good book!

            Good luck, whatever you do. Welding is a kick in the butt. Once you get hooked (and you will) your bank account will suffer!

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              try to find someone near you who can get you started. On there is a"craig in Denver" who is right next door to you. Send him a PM & he may be able to help.