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  • Another Newbie question

    Hi all, i am trying to set up my small Lincoln MiG wire feed, its a SP 135 T an i want to set it up with a argon/oxygen mix?, I have a victor regulator and its a SR 11, the numbers on it are 0630 and 1500, whats it all mean? it has a sticker on it that says seat material is compatible with oxygen, air, argon, helium, and nitrogen, line gauge goes 0-100 PSI and tank pressure from 0 to 4000 PSI, can i use it?
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    Your regulator is just a pressure reducing regulator of some kind. If you take it to welding supply dealer they can tell you more. If you look at the inlet fitting it should have CGA- xxxx with x being 3 different numbers. With those numbers I can tell you what kind of gas inlet fitting is on your regulator or you can Google it.

    Search this web site to find your victor regulator.

    Your regulator probably resembles a flow gage regulator. Flow gage regulators have a low pressure gage calibrated for specified size orifice in outlet fitting to indicate cubic feet per hour (CFH) in USA. For Argon or Argon mixes with CO2 or O2 it would have CGA-580 inlet fitting.
    CGA Inlet Connection 320 is for CO2.

    You can buy regulators with flow meter installed or install a flow meter on a regulator. You could probably convert your regulator to use a flow gage or flow meter.

    With that welder you would probably use Argon CO2 mix or 100% CO2 not Argon O2 mix to weld steel.


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      Another Newbie question

      Thanks Roger, it was not on there list, maybe its obsolete? (series SR11) i will try taking it to my friendly OXARC store