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Variable capacitor understanding ?

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  • Variable capacitor understanding ?

    I couldn't stay interested way back in electricity class.
    Oscilator circuits what ?

    I just got so intrigued str8'ning out the fins that the other
    dextrously challenged kids mangled.

    And being a boy-metalica I mastered soldering "at sight-at touch".
    So ended my undestanding of oscillator circuits.

    Now starting at the high freak generators in my tig-welders,
    is the "overlap" of these fins, a sort-of variable-spring???
    designed to constrain / capture a reaction at a frequency that
    is a result of how much overlap the two sets of fins is set at.????

    So that a 12-year-old's simple bread-board radio experiment
    can only recieve 92 WOKY , or so that my Linde only generates
    70k's or so of High frequency.

    An over-worked mechanical mind, needs to know.
    Thanks .........
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    A bit here:

    It's just another form of capacitor - metal plates with air as the insulator instead of mylar or some other substance. The fact that the plates can be shaped a certain way and the overlap adjusted makes them very useful for tuning. I used to have an old Hewlett-Packard oscillator that had a variable air-cap capacitor about the size of a large soup can.

    More here:
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