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  • 6G help!

    When running a 6010 root uphill on sch. 80 2" pipe, what is the rod angle and do you just push the rod or step it just like downhill? Thanks

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    looks like noone knows


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      Wow, 8 whole hours... or maybe people just sleep at night.

      But surely busting our hump for not replying fast enough to suit you will get people off the dime!
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        Originally posted by bullsnbets View Post
        looks like noone knows
        If you posted it in the right category (General Welding Questions) you might have better luck.

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          Number one,you don't step a 6010 root in down hill,,you drag it,,you gap it less,less land,you push it in to root,,burn hotter,,etc.

          But its hard to say how the exact way to run a root in up hill is,,cause everybody is different,[just depends on how you learn],I never was a pipefitter or boilermaker,,started out downhilling,,,and when I started learning up,,gapped it about same and basicly drug it up instead of down,, but thats not how most do it,,gap/land is very important,as well as heat,,thingy