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  • Screen Size / Resolution / Scrolling

    Where was the info on Screen Size / Resolution / Scrolling problems?

    I changed the resolution which fixed the scrolling problem, but the text is too small. I'm using IE 6.0 -- no luck with the Ctrl + or -, and the View / Text Size menu option makes no changes.

    Any help out there?

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    Was it this one you're talking about:
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      Sberry, are you resistant to the IE7 upgrade? Some people are, but I believe the zoom in/out feature is best on that version. FWIW, so far so good with IE7 here.
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        Or just forget about IE entirely and get an advanced browser - Firefox. Tabbed browsing, Ctrl + works, add-ins, most spam popups get blocked, etc. Mickeysoft tried to copy Firefox's best features in the IE 7 but have failed IMO.

        I switched a few years ago and you would have to horsewhip me to make me go back to IE.
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          sberry did you have any luck with the problems you were having? i dont know if changing to ie7 will help, i dont run it mainly because it has issues with some network programs i run at my office i do know i run a newer machine with a 17'' flatscreen monitor with no problem however at home i run a custom machine i built with a 17'' crt viewsonic monitor resolution changes dont matter still have to scroll left to right


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            Ignorance is Bliss

            The whole thing baffles me.

            It all worked on the old format . (for me)

            It all worked on the first new one . (for me)

            It all works now ??. (for me).

            There's that many differences in browsers & screen settings ???

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              i am not sure your browser has anything to do with it vicegrip i think it has to do with the video and grafics card your running against your monitor resolution at my office is 1024x768 cant run that on my monitor at home have to run 800x600 however my office on those settings are fine newer machine better grafics card matched monitor this is what i have figured out now i am in my older age starting to loose alot of focus finally had to succomb to glasses


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                Originally posted by k.a.m View Post
                i am not sure your browser has anything to do with it
                It's just that certain versions of the various browsers have a zoom in/out feature activated by the CTRL key that lets you adjust the view in realtime...eliminating need to scroll left/right and enlarging the text, etc. to your liking. Just one way to fix the problem w/o having to upgrade hardware. That's all
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                  I have just gotten used to it. I still have my rez on 800x600 and the only page I can't see completely is the main page. I found the posts can simply be centered and I don't have to mess with anything else. I don't like the print size of the higher rez either.

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