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    Hello all, not big on intros. Semi retired from machine trades. Hobby and farm shop welder, machinist, head cook and bottle washer. Picked up a Tig combo AC/DC ser# 87WS18152 and need a manual. A little dirty inside, greasy dust, did the blow off. WD40 and a paint brush on some of the delicate stuff. Any other ideas for a good cleaning? Also missing the plasma torch so looking for a replacement. My only other Tig experience is my Miller 330AB. Big as a washing machine but very simple. To prove that I'm colorblind when it comes to welders, I also have an ancient Onan powered Lincoln 225 stick welder and a Miller 252 mig. Thanks advance.

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    Welcome. Is this a Hobart unit; that serial number didn't return any hits on Hobart product support.
    Stickmate LX AC/DC
    Big cheap (Chinese) Anvil
    Hand cranked coal forge
    Freon bottle propane forge
    HH 210 and bottle of C25


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      Thanks Blacksmith, thats why I came here. I couldn't find anything either.

      This was the worst of the dirt. Contact cleaner wouldn't touch it. was going to use Gunk but it says not to spray electrical stuff.

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        If it works, don't get crazy cleaning it. The older legacy equipment might need a factory rep to do some digging. Hopefully they'll see it next business day. A thread in the equipment section with an appropriate subject line will help. They might not notice an intro thread.


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          Thanks MAC702 not going nuts cleaning, it does work. Just turning back the clock on some neglect. Ok, posted in Tig welders and Plasma cutters.
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            OK. Got one from Hobart Retail Customer Service. Now to get it set up. Thanks