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Is this legit?

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  • Is this legit?

    Found this today. It looks like a scam to me. Any of the Hobart guys on here that can verify?

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    Very skeptical..... ... It's like a facebook page, 3000-4000 dollars of DeWalt tools (10 items in bundle) clearance for $58.99.........

    But yes I would take a 210MPV for $125 if I though it was legit... But I don't have $125 to most likely lose...

    Maybe "Hobart Expert" can validate...

    Domain Name is registered to company in China.... Makes me have questions....
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      Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20211228-155915_Instagram.jpg
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ID:	714077 Hobart has several ads about on the internet about being aware of people selling Hobart welders at ridiculous low prices.
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        It takes two people to run a scam; the scammer and someone who thinks he is getting something dirt cheap. These ads show up all the time in my various feeds and are usually short on details. Are the products current models or discontinued and sans obsolete batteries or chargers? I ordered a jacket purported to be just like Longmire wore for $58. It was off color, too small and Ray Charles could have seen the differences. Rather than a refund, they sent me a second one, the same as the first except the color. Now if I don't recognize the seller, I pass by.
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          Apologies for the late response on this guys, these sites do pop up from time to time and are not authorized Hobart retailers. Like bogger said, we have a locator on our website that you can use to verify the retailer you purchase from is an authorized retailer. You can find that locator here.