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new member here with older machine,mistake??

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  • new member here with older machine,mistake??

    Hi all, had a offshore inverter machine for quite a few years and have welded a lot of metal with it including lots of aluminium.It started giving me trouble so I sold that and I thought I wanted and older transformer based machine because I guess I thought older was sometimes better built, no plastic knobs to break and crappy feeling foot pedals.
    I bought a 250A AC/DC Hobart which is what I thought I wanted, AC balance being a big plus, but am super frustrated trying to weld aluminum, no puddle t
    being formed, sometimes. I have been able to weld a bead with success, but out of 50 or so try's with no puddle, I've had 3 or 4 beads formed.
    Specifics are 3/32 2% lanth and 3/32 pure, tried both
    100% argon, even changed bottles due to maybe bad gas?
    initially bought a amazon gas lens set, thinking it might have been that bought a ck gas lens #6
    stick out about 3/8
    gas flow with a new reg 15/20
    AC balance have tried all settings
    One question I have is how do I confirm my gas connections are good? I soap and water tested connections I could get at on the outside of the machine, but not the torch.