In Process of restoring 300 Amp Hobart w/ 6 cly Chrysler flat head that belonged to my Dad. He acquired it as surplus from Fort Indiantown Gap near Harrisburg, Pa. in the late 40's or early 50's and used it until the late 80's. Now that I'm retired I finally have time to work on it. From info I have found on line it appears to be a Mode GR-300-S. The actual name plate does not have a model # on it, only 300 amp and sn# DW12480 with no other military plates or markings. After removing nearly all paint the original color was yellow with the only olive drab on the inside of the removable fine adjustment control. It currently runs and welds. I'm looking for the best way to reproduce or replace one of the side hood "Hobart Welder" labels. I've attached a couple pics before and current.