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I came to help my dad fix his old welder. poor old man feels naked without it

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  • I came to help my dad fix his old welder. poor old man feels naked without it

    Hi, I'm Jim, live in upstate New York finger lakes region, love it here.

    So, I'll give you guys some background, my experience with welding is pretty funny to me, hopefully you can enjoy it too..

    My dad is the best welder I've ever seen weld. I'm sure there are better and he would be the first to admit that, but he was trained at schweizer aircraft and has the skills to prove it. As a kid I always wanted him to show me how to weld, I could have always used the skill and I hated having to wait for him to get around to doing what I needed fixed or built. He would never show me, his response everytime was "Jimmy, I need that welder, and I need this house, if i show you, you will break it or burn the house down". Well I'm 35 now, and finally last year for Christmas he got me a mig welder it's a little Eastwood 135, and he showed me how to use it. Awesome, I was ecstatic, I still am really its great having it around I feel like I can do **** near anything. Its interesting to me how much I learned just being around him welding over the years.

    So, recently his welder quit working, he has had it forever, he learned how to tig on that model (tr-250) and bought it from a guy who trained him back in the 70s. He's obviously lost without this unit and I'd really like to help him get it running again. Pluse he just promised to show me how to weld aluminum, its going to be Fing awesome. I posted some more details in the tig forum.. Please help, and thank you very much. Jim Geddes