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    Hello to everyone. This is my first time on this forum. I am a former welder. I welded for 15 years before I was injured and had to change careers. I used to know quite a bit from memory, but having not welded since 2000. I have been looking for an answer to a question concerning welding current. I don't have any of my books anymore so I can't look it up there. I've looked online but I don't get the correct feedback. What I want to know is the ac welding current differs from regular ac current used say in a house. I used to be able to remember. One or the other has either high amps and low voltage or high volts and low amps. I can't remember which. Any assistance would be greatly appreaciated.

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    Amperage is amperage and watts is watts. .... Generally in transformer welders as the voltage goes down amps goes up.... For example at welder that draws about 20 amps at 240 volts can put out about 200 amps at 24 volts ac, the criteria here is what the transformer winding are, basically to support my previous statement it's a 10:1 ratio step down transformer... The caveat is a typical AC transformer welder will have multiple taps (windings) and the ratios of voltage/amperage values will be on somewhat of a sliding scale.... The electrical factor are actually defined by OHMS law and how the manufacturer configured the make up or values used to produce a desired machine...

    THE other factor is if transformer style welder has a DC component output, where as the amperage will be about 50% of what its AC output amperage may be...

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      Thank you Dale M. I appreciate you answering lol. I eventually found out something though. I am an old welder who's been out of the game since before september 2000. Once in a while I like to test myself to see what I still remember. What I was trying to get across was the difference between AC used as house current & AC used as welding current. I finally had a reminder who wrote me today. Generally welding current is either AC or DC is High Current (amps) and low voltage. That's what I was having trouble remembering. I'm old and I haven't been around it for a long time. My only claim to any welding fame is I am one of the welders that worked on the U. S. S. Cole. When the terrorist blew the hole in the side of the ship, they did it where me and about a dozen more welded the hull. I do miss welding a lot sometimes. It's about the only thing I was ever really good at. Thanks anyway Dale. I appreciate your answer.