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Actualy tacking a course about welding

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  • Actualy tacking a course about welding

    I learn welding for the moment.
    I have a new welding machine to practice at home.Click image for larger version  Name:	Hobart 140.jpg Views:	0 Size:	2.52 MB ID:	707824
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    Good machine, I use one exclusive, prefer GMAW processes with it and have successfully done up to 1/4 materials...One of key elements to success is proper surface preparation and learning proper gun handling and stick out... Think you will enjoy it...

    Two sites or videos that have helped me alot long with advice for most (not all) of regulars here...

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      Originally posted by PierreL View Post
      I learn welding for the moment.
      I have a new welding machine to practice at home.H]
      Welcome! Good choice for entry level machine.


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        One of the better machines in its class, and probably the best value. Get some arc time on it and keep us posted.


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          Welcome and enjoy the new machine
          Handler 210MVP
          Stickmate 210i


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            I have the older version. The HH135. It is a good machine, and I enjoyed using it up till the time I retired it. The liner had gone bad, and genuine assembly was about $75...…… instead of plunking more money into a decades old machine, I opted to plunk MORE money into the bigger HH190


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              Thank you everybody! Do you think I can do some welding with a 120v 15amp until I put a new circuit 120v 20amp ?


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                Well, yes. The welder will only draw what power it needs to get the job done. If you are on the lower settings you will stay under the 15A limit. You'll learn pretty quickly how much you can get done at the higher settings between trips to the breaker panel to reset the circuit.


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                  Thank you Mac702.


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                    Yes but you probably will be limited to steps 1 through 3 on machine with 20 amp circuit, I found that my HH 140 draws about 24 amps on step 4 (older 4 step machine) and I had to go up to 30 amp breaker, however breaker cabinet is in garage and it only took a 30 amp breaker and about 4 feet of wire and quality outlet (marked as dedicated welding plug) to be able to achieve necessary power to operate most efficiently on step 4...

                    IF you don't envision going to the max with welder (stayiing in range of 1-3) a 20 amp circuit should be sufficient...

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                      All my circuits are 20amp, and have never had any trouble with throwing the breaker with the old HH135 on all settings low to high. And that was on a 100ft 12ga extension cord. I know there was voltage loss, but never enough heat generated to trip anything. And, while the breakers don't trip, there is reduced output from the welder......that's a given.

                      Only thing that ever trips the breaker is the chop saw, and only when doing 45* cuts in heavy wall square tubing.

                      I believe, a lot has to do with the panel for the "shop" being directly underneath the meter head on the pole. I'm not dealing with a circuit that's already had to be long enough to work its way around a house, or shop building.

                      Matter of fact actually...…….Day before yesterday, or maybe it was yesterday, I checked voltage drop while deciding on the type of circuit I was gonna set up for the third 5Kw heater in the shop. I'm running 250v at the panel, which is fed by a roughly 65' 6/3 SOOW drop cord. With two heaters running (10Kw), my voltage drops down to about 245ish. We're on a surprisingly top notch old REA (Rural Electric from the Depression Era) system, that's now a COOP. Exceedingly reliable, and very few dropouts.

                      I was surprised that the voltage remains at 249-250 all the time. Dunno if it's a problem with the transformer, or simply the way they run their system. Seems to me, it's always run that high, even many years ago.

                      Anyways...………...even with some finagling by running some of the heaters on low setting...….it looks like I gotta run another dedicated circuit for the 3rd heater. Gonna run it off the circuit I run the compressor on.
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                        15Kw isn't actually that bad. We have a fairly good rate structure. During the Winter, it's 7.6 cents/Kwh. So,, you're only looking at about $1.20/hr if you're running all 3 heaters at full blast. I curtain off the last fifteen feet, or so, inside the container (no point heating an area I'm not working in), and it gets pretty toasty. The 3rd heater will keep it nice when it gets down in the mid 20's