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  • Newb!

    Wannabe hobby welder here. Took a class. Got ripped off. He might know how to weld, but he has no clue how to teach! I think he spent about 5-10 minutes on how to choose the right settings. Made it sound like nothing at all. Then I get home and start trying to weld, and find it's everything, and he didn't even give a hint about how to adjust from the "recommended settings". He said to start there, then adjust as needed. Not knowing any better, that sounded fine.

    So, that's why I'm here!

    Well, that and a particular problem that turned up today. I'll start a thread on that.

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    Welcome aboard....

    MiG welding is not difficult once you learn the basics of set up... General setting on cabinet door a "ball park " place to start.. You learn to adjust setting up or down and use stick out by experience...

    Generally one can teach one self if you have patience and understanding of process..... Best thing to do is get chunk of raw steel. clean surface and practice and practice and practice... Did I mention practice... One of the best mentor videos I have found is here... Jody does know his stuff...

    There are some other good welding videos on Youtube but be careful, Youtube also has a lot of know nothings that are good a demonstrating their ignorance....

    Lives his life vicariously through his own self.