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Old man in central fla (cool air)

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  • Old man in central fla (cool air)

    I'm a new member,been playing with welding for years.never any good! I have an old miller 225 welder which I manage to burn some rods with.I just picked up Hobart G-231,wisc tjd-2 engine Spec 4130e serial aaw-83765.This welder has been sitting for years and I plan to see if I can get it back to running again.I have no info on this machine,just what I've been reading here on this forum.If anybody can send me a manual and a wiring diagram it would very helpful in repairing this old welder. My email is built my first welder when i was 27 or 28 using a aircraft generator and a old jeep engine.I sold that and bought a tombstone welder.
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    Thanks to keith mcquown and mike arnold for sending me the information I needed to understand the Hobart g-213.I really appreciate it and now it's time to get to work and repair this machine.