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    Hello All:

    Glad to be aboard. Just picked up a 210 MVP at Tractor Supply, Paid $799 when they price matched an out of town retailer (Blain’s Farm and Fleet). Getting my 220 wired to the garage tomorrow, and will pick up my gas after that. I learned to weld stick in high school, more recently fooled around with a Hazzard Fraud 90 amp here and there. Looking forward to developing my skills and doing some welding!


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    Welcome aboard! Show us the welding receptacle when it gets done! Lots of us like electrical porn as much as welding.

    You getting set up for GMAW with gas shielding?


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      Here is a picture of the outlet. My electrician said its 250 volts / 50 amps. He used 6/2 romex for the run from the panel.

      I plan on mig welding with solid wire and shielding gas. I am a motorcycle guy so I will be typically welding 1/4” or less steel. Maybe at some point I will venture into aluminum.

      Next step will be the gas and some proper safety equipment, then read the manual, set up the machine and try some practice welding. I think my first project will be to make some small modifications to my welding table.


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        Looks good from my view....

        And practice, practice,practice....

        Lives his life vicariously through his own self.


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          I bought a 210 MVP last fall along with a 20lb Co2 tank. This is my first experience with mig.

          Given the you get a little deeper penetration using straight Co2, I don't plan on bodywork or anything real thin so the straight Co2 works for my needs.....and only cost $20 to fill the tank......should last a looooong time.

          I only got to play with mine for a couple months before I had knee replacement surgery. I'm now recovered enough to get the welder back out and start practicing again.
          Handler 210MVP
          Stickmate 210i


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            I'm a big fan of 100% CO2 for most GMAW welding. Once I got a proper CO2 regulator. It will freeze the standard Smith regulators that come with Miller and Hobart machines, if you just get an adapter to use them.