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Hello from Gulf Coast" Katrinaville"

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  • Hello from Gulf Coast" Katrinaville"

    This is the first time posting and honestly I have not one single clue as of how to even weld but,maybe using JB on something and thats it.lolo
    I have been looking at the Handler 140 or the handler 210mvp cause I honestly dont have a shop set for 220 but,my generator has. I dont like to even think of turning that thing on either. I was thinking it would be nice to have a machine that is a 110-220 that I can eventualy use at a later time if I wanted to hook up 220 in my shop at a later date.
    I would like to weld aluminum sometimes but,its just small stuff. I wont be doing any large jobs at all so just dont know if Im over kill for my first unit. I may ask a dumb question but,is there wire that I can use to weld aluminum on the feed instead of using the spool gun for small jobs?I would like to just do stuff like welding farm brackets or lawn stuff and maybe exhaust.I appreciate any help.****** Do they have the 5 year warr or just 3 year? I have seen it somewhere where its like 3 year on something and 1 year on something else on these machines.?
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    I know this is alot but,remembered something--- I read somewhere where lincoln and onot sure who else when they sell to big chain stores that the machines they get has like cheaper material. I know this in a situation with lowes with husqvarna --Is this the same situation here cause I dont mind paying shipping if I can get a machine with good equipment thats gonna last.