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  • Hello from Minnesota

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum, and new to welding. My only background in welding is a very small amount of time learning stick welding in a shop class back in high school... around 1976, I suppose.

    I've always been intrigued with the idea of being able to make what I needed... especially things that are not commercially available (the same idea got me into 3D printing). I had been wanting to get a wire-feed welder for a while, then ran into a great deal on a Handler 190 at a local farm store's grand opening. They had it priced less than Amazon, and a Hobart rep was there giving out a pair of gloves and an auto-darkening helmet with the purchase.

    Unfortunately the welder sat in the box for a few years while I worked on our house addition/remodel. I just got it set up earlier this summer and have started to use it. I've made a few simple things - a winch mounting bracket, some shelf brackets, a receiver hitch. But I've got a lot to learn and need a lot of practice.

    To that end, I started picking up some free material at a warehouse not far from where I live. They get shipments in crates made from 1" steel square tubing, and then put them outside for anyone who wants them. It's a pretty useful material, although a bit tricky to weld without blowing through the thin wall. Currently using it to build a heavy duty shelving structure for my garage.

    So that's about where I am, and I do have a question about filling low spots in steel tube, but that's best posted in a more appropriate forum.