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  • Wanting To Pick It Back Up

    Hello all from Mississippi.....Old guy here that's a member of BOCOF and wanting to pick welding back up. I took a year long Jr. college votech welding class back in 76-77. Got certified in stick, gas, mig and tig welding. I never did pursue a welding job and instead continued school academically. Nuff' said bout that.

    This might be the wrong forum ...BUT...I've inherited two Miller welders. One a 220 AC cracker box that was my father in laws. You cant read the model on it any longer. All I can tell you about it there is a hand crank on the top of it to raise and lower the amperage. The other a Miller Bobcat 225G with an Onan engine that belonged to my next door neighbor. His daughters gave it me when he passed away. It runs, generates and will burn a rod. The 225g had been sitting quite some time with out being run. I got it running this past weekend, changed the oil and tested it.

    I would like to get my hand back at welding and hopefully retrieve some of the things I learned 40+ years ago. I've been reading here and other forums hope you all will be patient with me.

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    We love Millers here. Welcome.

    No idea what BOCOF is except for the Bougainville Copper Mine in Papua New Guinea.


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      BOCOF=Brotherhood Of Crusty Old Farts