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Hi from Greensboro NC

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  • Hi from Greensboro NC

    New to the forum, but have been hobby welding for over 35 years. Not always pretty , but structurally sound.
    Have an old AC stick welder that worked for the last 34 years, and just recently bought a second hand Hobart Handler 190 MIG welder.
    What a difference using wire feed .

    Also have a small Gas setup that I use for Brazing.

    Have made two BBQ pig cookers and a large spit , all out of old 250 gal Oil drums. Two are Gas fired and one charcoal. The one gas system , can use both charcoal and gas.

    Welded security gates previosuly when when I still lived in Africa and made a trailer or two

    I am looking for advanced tips on using wire feed , using gas shielding and if anyone has made their own pipe burners for BBQ cookers.

    PS the beard was my winter disguise

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    Welcome! Lots of burner info here . Just do a search. Also, look at videos from Welding Tips and Tricks site, and articles from Edison Welding Institute.