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    DIY'r here just purchased the Handler 140. Any suggestions as to the best gas supplier in my area? East central Wisconsin?
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    Shop around, I found in my area a $100 difference in buying 125 cu-ft cylinder between Praxair vs Airgas.... Fill (C25) was also cheaper... Praxair get my business ....

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      I went with Airgas after I went through TSC. While I love TSC, bought my welder there on sale and for LESS than Amazon could sell it, having bought and picked up the same day, and they have almost everything I need.... I made one mistake. I opted to pay a little more for the idea that I could get a gas refill 7 days a week and they had long hrs to accommodate my schedule. My first tank was fine. The second I bought was empty when I got it home, I returned it, we checked the other "filled" tanks. They were empty. I shopped around, in the end going with Airgas due to long term costs. Make sure you ask if doing a tank rental, if they will take their tank in for exchange once passed the test expiration date. Airgas was the only one who said it doesn't matter to them if it was years passed. If it was theirs, they would take it for exchange. Some companies will not, so just be aware of individual rental and purchasing policies. They aren't always equal! As for TSC, love them, but their gas return/refill service left a sour taste in my mouth. I had heard others I know have the issue once in a while. If you weld on the weekends... you'll most likely run out of gas on the weekend, when most places will be closed or have limited business hours. - Unholy.