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  • Coolfusion
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    New guy from Idaho

    Hello, newbie here enjoying the
    Started welding in 1974 in the Air Force....
    Got out in 1980 and got a job in a custom sheetmetal shop (stainless mainly)
    Went full time Air guard in 1983...welding burners on F4's
    Retired from military 1995...Tried to get out of welding and started a window company.
    2 Yrs later back to welding cause the computer chip industry was throwing way to much money around....finally had to learn how to run a wirefeed.
    1999 the chip gig crashed, started making Jet Boats and Drift Boats...Starved but learned alot.
    1988 to current...Fab parts for most the Beech KingAir aircraft series. The parts are mainly Aluminum and Incolnel, small and I dont have to MIG weld much. They can be seen @ And finally for the last 4 years have been repairing and modifying Maule Aircraft for my good friend Johan at Maule-Mods inc. These aircraft are very popular with backcountry pilots, and therefore endup with a bent part or 2 occasionally.....They can be seen @
    In my spare time......haha.....I like to build and sail Land Yachts at the Alvord Dry Lake in central Oregon, and fly Ultralight Aircraft whenever I possess one.
    Enough about me....thanks Dan equipment...
    An old L-TEC Heliarc 250HF SquareWave w/Bernard cooler (my fave)
    A little newer Lincoln SquareWave TIG 175 Pro
    MillerMatic 250 CV DC Wirefeeder w/a yet to figure out how to hookup old Hobart
    Hobart Handler 150.....which is big enough for most the MIG welding I want to do.......and 35 yrs worth of other old welding junk.