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  • the younger generation

    well i guess i will start by saying hi...i am from texas...i am a welder for fort bend county, been there 8 yrs...i am 27...i learned how to weld at alvin community college...i can stick tig mig,cert in boiler tubing and structural steel and i am familiar with carbon,stainless,and alum...i joined because like i said i have learned so much but i would like to hear from the older generation ha ha..

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    Well, here's an older guy you can hear've just opened yourself up to many a welding question I suspect. And who couldn't learn from someone who's got a proper education, and 8 years of on-the-job experience? I know I'll be able to.

    Now, about those questions....well shucks, I've got so many I don't know where to start. Give me a day or two and I'll make a list. So get ready!

    Catch you later....



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      well thanks...i will do my best and if i cant give you the right answer i bet one of these other good guys can


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        hi back at ya. College trained and certs on boiler tube.Im impressed maybe
        i can get you over here to alabama and let you ding-a-ling for me a few years
        while you impart some of that knowledge on me.