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  • Hey Y'all....

    I'm a 58 year old who is about the same on welding as with guitar playing. Both skills I learned as a youngster, to a certain point, then have spent the rest of my life doing the same old thing all the time.

    So it's time I got better at playing the guitar...and welding.

    My first introduction to welding came as a 'tacker' welding with 440 volt Lincolns (rods as big as your forefinger) on new barges being built on the Ohiio River. Since that time I've welded with a series of machines (always have a Lincoln 225 buzzbox on hand), including the ubiquitous flux-cored wire feed, 120 volt boxes (which seem to do okay on cosmetic or non-critical jobs), up to currently (that's a pun) a Miller 180, which I like very well.

    However, I've had my eye on a HOBART Champion 10,000 for a long time. The recent ice storm, which gave me 9 blissful days of needing to spend almost all my time in bed with Mrs. Sahagan to keep me warm, brought my interest up to a fever pitch.

    So I ordered one (which arrived only 4 days later. I've mounted it on a trailer devoted to just that machine for both power and welding). And yeah, my power may never go out again, although I'd bet it would, since I live at the END of the line, and expect outages at least 4-6 times a year.

    But if the power never goes out, that's okay, cause the welder thing'll weld pretty good.

    So I'm here for reading, learning, and as I noted above, increasing my skills. The reading I've done so far has already begun that process....and I'm gratified to see there are some true experts on the board. Furthermore, they apparently don't mind sharing their expertise. Who can do better'n that?

    And oh yeah, anybody got any good guitar learning advice?

    Catch you later!


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    Howdy, Sahagan! I imagine there are more than a few pickers here. I am a Dobro and Slide Guitar player myself, and am equally inept at those as I am welding...I do enough to get to where I want, but I'm not "good" by any means!!
    That Champion will serve you well, only if you go out and pat it now and then, because "you've had your eye on it for some time". Its good to get the "Toy in the Window" every now and then!
    "Good Enough Never Is"


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      Hey Hotfoot:

      Un huh....while the six string guitar may be the country music star's major implement, the heart of country music is the steel guitar. How could you have country music without that zing and whang? In fact, I sometimes retune my six string, and use a bottle slide on it (for those who know nothing of these matters, my apologies, but what's a guy gonna do if he can't take some kind of snobbish attitude by using terminology unknown to others?), but mighty poorly.

      I welded with my Champion for the first time last night (putting a trailer jack on), and found it to weld hotter than an equilavent setting on an AC welder. And while my old Lincoln buzzbox would throw the breaker at 235 amps, this thing just keeps on a'welding. I'm gonna like it, a lot!

      Thanks and we'll catch you later....



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        Well, Sahagan, here's a Blues Slide Guitar player i made a while back.

        "Good Enough Never Is"


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          Sahagan, although you are a lot older than myself, I'll welcome you to the forum anyway. (I won't be 58 until August.) You will enjoy that welder........especially when your power goes out. Your neighbors will be jealous.

          Miller MM 210
          Miller Dialarc 250P
          Airco 225 engine driven
          Victor O/A
          Lots of other tools and always wanting more


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            Greetings Sahagan.

            When I wore a younger man's clothes (in the days of bell bottoms, tie-dyed shirts and homemade sandals), I learned to play the guitar. I bought my first welder and began my actual welding experience at the age of 51. The one thing that is common in learning both is practice, practice, practice. I never practiced nearly as much as I should have, but I enjoy doing both.

            Welcome to the site.

            IN GOD WE TRUST!

            If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, Baffle them with bull$***.



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              Hey Guys;

              My! such a wealth of knowledge and information already....I'm impressed.

              Although; Hotfoot, after seeing that excellent photo, have you considered that you just might have WAY TOO MUCH TIME on your hands? Now I can testify, that undertaking the art and science of good cooking can absorb lots of extra time, and even offers great side benefits with excellent dishes of excellent food. Just something a body with too much time on his hands might give some thought to (I'm kidding of course, but can't seem to help it). All joking aside, I have an Ovation double neck guitar that I often try to use a glass bottle slide far, I haven't been able to incorporate the slide use into any viable song. Maybe that's trying to take things too far, playing both a six string, a twelve string, and a slide guitar all at the same time. Surely though, it's been done.

              And Jim from Tx; Thanks for the welcome, and I guess, come August, when you get as old as I am, I'll have to gin up some proper respeck for your age. I was taught to respect my elders, and I guess someone so little younger than me should merit at least a little, respect that is.

              And yeah, neighbors will likely be jealous of my generator. On the other hand, when they find out about the welder part of it, mounted on a trailer such as it is, I expect I'll find lots of opportunities to practice....on lawnmowers, trailers and truck bodies, farm implements and so forth. Shucks, if I weren't a good neighbor myself, I could probably turn a few bucks on the whole deal.

              Jim, I'm living proof that not having enough practice, will not make you into an expert at anything! But you see, practice requires discipline. And discipline ends up being hard work....and that's enough right there to give me insurmountable obstacles to any kind of expertise.

              So if you folks will excuse me, I guess I'll try to practice on my guitar....since it's too cold to go out and practice my welding. On the other hand, maybe hitting the hay early tonight might be better overall. Whichever way it goes, my sincere thanks. I am and remain sincerely yours,