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Greetings from Alaska's Arctic!

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  • Greetings from Alaska's Arctic!

    Hi everybody.

    I'm a shop teacher that lives in a small Eskimo village on the coast of the North Slope just west of Barrow. I teach a bit of everything but welding is a skill that is encouraged as it can lead students into a career with the oil companies at Prudhoe Bay. I currently have a metals class that wants to fab some kind of go-kart. If anyone has any plans, advise, or sites to check out I would appreciate the info. I could also use some advise on the latest in equipment as we are looking to buy a good all-around Tig machine.

    We have a small welding shop that utilizes mainly Mig and stick machines. Our main source of materials comes from the dump as it is really expensive to get steel and weld supplies in up here. Everything has to be flown in or come by barge once a year. Our gasoline, for example, is over $7.00 a gallon.

    My background includes a prior career in metalworking as a machinist and welder. I've worked in heavy equipment manufacturing, managed a job shop, and worked as a welder for a time at a platinum mine. This is my 15th year in Alaska, all of which has been north of the Arctic Circle. All in all it's been an exciting career change.

    Thanks and I'll be checking back regularly,

    John Stilger
    Alak High School
    Wainwright, AK 99782

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    You are really up there aren't you? I spent two years in Anchorage and loved it. I am from Arizona and tried like He!! to get out of going but the army said; "You got to go."

    Went back up there when my kids were teenagers and showed them where I was. The missile site I was protecting is now a park.

    I REALLY hate the cold but it is worth it to see the country.

    Tumbling down the road at 35 MPH is no fun, TRUST ME!


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      Sounds like a really cool Job Ya got.
      Ah Go-Karts...

      I could spends hours.......on that topic.
      Negative people have a problem for every solution


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        Is this the place where they just made that movie with Josh Hartnett? Something about 28 days of night and a bunch of vampires or some such thing. I saw it on a NatGeo or Discovery channel the other night.