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  • SpyGuy from Tucson, Az

    Hey, everyone (or as they say out West, "Howdy!")

    New to the forums, and new to welding. It's something I've been wanting to do for a long time, and I finally figured, "Y'know, I'm not getting any younger." I've got a small rig, a Harbor Freight 110v MIG fluxcore wire-feed that I'm still practicing with, seeeing what can and can't be done with it. Just looking at all the Metal Art sections, and seeing what all you guys do with castoff pieces and parts has given me lots of ideas for projects!

    Looking forward to hanging out with you guys on here, and learning as much as I can from some of you who have been doing this for a while. I'll be asking questions (like any other newbie), so be patient for a while, okay? (When I've been here a while, THEN you can tell me I'm a PitA ... )

    Keep your torch hot and your metalwork cool ... see ya out there on the forums.


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    I welcome you to this forum - on behalf of the others who may not have noticed your message.

    We hope that you continue with your interest in welding and become proficient in it. There are a lot of members here who can offer you helpful advice (and sometimes, even hands-on guidance) about all the various aspects of welding. Who knows, in time you may become sufficiently skilled in welding that you'll be able to repair your own motorcycles and cars?

    Keep up the good work that you and your friends are doing with the Lost Boys Minimoto Club. There are many beneficial ways to spend ones spare time, and, it seems that you've found one in your mentoring of fatherless boys.



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      Howdy, and welcome! I guess I didn't open your original post because of your 'handle'....sounded like a malicious kid, to me, anyways!...but if you're interested in sticking pieces of metal together, I reckon you pass muster!

      Your little machine should be fine for lots of Metal Art projects, as many of them are 95% imagination, and only 5% welding! The day will come where you want to start welding sheet metal, and have less it'll be time for a gas/solid wire setup (HH140 heavily favored here).

      This whole welding thing gets to be very addictive, and turns otherwise normal folks into Dumpster Divers and Trash Pickers...always on the lookout for free steel!!
      "Good Enough Never Is"


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        Hey, larry and hotFoot -

        Thanks for the welcome. "Malicious kid"? Naw, at 40, I don't think I fall into the "kid" range, except maybe at heart ..... That's not to say I HAVEN'T done any bad things in my past - I guess I'm just not bothering to deny doing them anymore ...

        I have to say that HotFoot is really coming up with some innovative creations from the most bizarre things. I can't say that I don't like anything he's built - it's all great! (That motorcycle for the Wounded Warriors was awesome, dude!) I know what you mean about the Dumpster Diver brigade - already been looking for free scrap metal that could possibly turn into my next creation ..... Craigslist's free stuff section is pretty decent for that, because at least people will tell you what they have to dump, and where to find it on the curbside. As for the welding rig, right now I'm kinda limited to what machine I use, since I don't have a 220v setup in the garage, and getting an electrician out here to wire up a 220v plug is going to cost a bit more than I can afford right now (not to mention it's my g/f's place, anyway ...)

        Larry, my friend's whole idea with the Lost Boys was to keep them off the streets and out of trouble while teaching them valuable skills and lessons about life through the sport of pocketbike racing. I help out when I can, doing some wrenching on the bikes and keeping the kids more-or-less in line (not to mention turning a few laps on my own bikes while I'm there ... ) The group has already gotten support from On Any Moto, a motorcycle shop here in Tucson, and a real racetrack (Musselman Race Circuit), who want to not only promote what the Lost Boys stand for, but to give them a home where they can practice and hone their skills.


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          Spyguy, if you're doing some "wrenching" on the motorcycles, someday you might need to repair a broken steel part with welding. You might consider buying or borrowing an oxyacetylene (OA) welder. It is probably more versatile a type of welder than any other in existence . One can not only weld but also cut metals, braze and solder metals, and heat treat with it. It does not require any input of electrical energy and is the ideal welding tool with which to learn heat and molten puddle control. Mastery of OA welding techniques also provides the ideal stepping stone for advancing to GTAW (tig) welding. With an OA welder you may be able to repair intricate parts of motorcycles that you would not be able to with a GMAW (mig) welder. While living in the African bush many years ago and equipped with my only welder, an OA one, I was able to repair many things that ranged from delicate steel eyeglass frames to aluminum motorcycle castings. There's hardly a better way to embark on a welding hobby than by learning how to OA weld.

          Anyway, keep up the good work with the fatherless kids.