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  • Hi to ALL...

    Hi to all…

    Quick intro: I’m a semi-retired consultant (computers) and a displaced Nebraskan living in SoCA most of my adult life. Now I ‘work’ as an Artificer and am having a ball learning how to use my hands to do more than type!

    I am a 100% total neophyte regarding tools in general and welding specifically! BUT I am learning. I have a start in a pretty nice machine shop/wood shop/welding shop and am learning fast – mostly by mistakes! Hahaha So far I have all my body parts so I guess that’s a good start?

    I have been reading this board for several months and have learned enough to know I have a long ways to go, but I’ll get there – God willing! Thanks to all you experts that take the time to help those of us just starting out!!!
    Currently playing with:
    Lincoln 'buzz box'
    Gas welder
    HP140, SP140 MIGs
    Metal, wood band saws
    Metal 13.5 x 42 lathe, Bridgeport Mill
    Metal Taig lathe and mill
    Abrasive cutters
    Jig, Chop, Table saws
    Angle grinders, drill presses
    Lots of other toys

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    Welcome to the forum. I am confident that you will pick up the welding skills that you desire. Your open minded attitude is refreshing and should be a real asset in your quest to learn about welding.
    Miller Thunderbolt
    Smith Oxyacetylene Torch
    Miller Dynasty 200DX
    Lincoln SP-250 MIG Welder
    Lincoln LE 31 MP
    Clausing/Coldchester 15" Lathe
    16" DuAll Saw
    15" Drill Press
    7" x 9" Swivel Head Horizontal Band Saw
    20 Ton Arbor Press