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Hello from SW Missouri

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  • Hello from SW Missouri

    Long time lurker, first time poster. I am completely new to welding but i have already hung around here long enough to let everyone talk me into buying a HH210 to go along with my Lincoln Weldpak 100 HD.

    I have learned quite a bit by hanging our here and have no doubt I will be learning much more. I have been impressed with the willingness to share information and offer help to those of us that need it.

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    Welcome Monte. Like you I've learned a lot here from helpful members on this site. Lots of good people here. Remember to post pics of your projects.

    Be safe,


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      Glad your here. I saw SW Mo and figured I'd say hello. Been gone awhile but I struck my 1st arc in that part of the country at Kickapoo HS in Springfield.
      Good day

      Gerald Austin


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        new 2

        Good to have ya if a newbe can say that.been welding for it seems like a hunerd years, this is the most fun i have ever had. out from under a hood that is. lol!


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          I appreciate the warm welcome from everyone. Sometimes I wonder if buying a welder and then trying to learn to weld isn't going at it a bit backwards, but it seems I do a lot of things that way. Even with my very limited experience, I sure do like that HH210 and can't wait to actually make something instead of just running beads.