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    I'm an engineer at Ford. I just bought a lightly used HH175. I been wanting a Hobart wire feed welder for a long time. I was searching Craigslist. I responded to an ad. He didn't have what I was looking for, but he led me to the seller, who didn't have it listed for sale. Got a heck of a deal. Came with cart, 20 cu. ft. CO2 bottle, and cart.

    It's been a while since I welded anything up. I welded up a Frame for my hydraulic press with my father-in-laws Miller stick welder along time ago.

    I first learned to weld with gas. Then moved up to stick. I took an AG Engineering welding class at Texas A&M.

    I have an old Miller welder (currently in IL) that was given to me in the late '70s by my friends father after he bought a Miller Synchrowave for his shop. I have a small set of tanks with Victor 50 series torches (currently in IL). My wifes grandfather bought it from his former employer in LA. after he retired (no else used it) and it was my Christmas present. I have a large set of tanks with Firepower (US made) torches. I bought a set of tanks at a yard sale and had them tested at my LWS. They lost them and gave me new set of tanks.

    I have a good relationship with the LWS, since my plant is a big customer of theirs. Ron, the counterman at Praxair, is the one who told me that HH175 was a heck of a deal and to go ahead and purchase it.

    Anyway, my first project will be welding in floor pans on my '76 Chevy C-20 (beater/hauler). I will be buying .023 ER70S-6 wire for that job. That suggestion came from this forum.

    I hope to learn a few things here and hope to pass on a lesson or two.

    Miller M-180 stick welder 1970s

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    Good luck and welcome to the forum.

    Your neighbor.
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      Welcome to the Forum!
      glen, been there, done that and probably broke it!If you aren't on the edge. You'r taking up to much room


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        Thanks for the welcome.

        I just thought I'd mention that I got my set-up for $300. I went to look at it. Just to look at it. It was on the way to work. He just kept knocking the price down. He just wanted to get it out of his way. He sold a business for which the welder was needed. With no businees need for the welder, it was time to make room. I also got a Milwaukee 14" chop saw for $75.

        He purchased both items from Northern Tool.
        Miller M-180 stick welder 1970s


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          Invest in a larger bottle of C25 for that machine.


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            I have been looking for a big bottle. Found one on Craigslist, but he won't reply.....

            My LWS (Praxair) told me which used bottles they cannot refill. It depends whose name is on the bottle. On the other hand, they can refill just about any small bottle.

            I just noticed that my rig came with a Co2/Ar mix in a 20 lb bottle.
            Miller M-180 stick welder 1970s


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              the right gas

              for welding metal that thin i would use a 75 25 mixture, straight c02 will give you to much penatration.I have been welding race cars for years ,trust me. thanks and good luck.