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hello from TX (just north of Dallas)

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  • hello from TX (just north of Dallas)

    Hi, I live in a place called Savannah, just north of Dallas, and east of Denton.
    I just bought a Hobart 140, today. I had a Miller at one time, about 15 or so years ago, and used it to weld floor pans in a 67 Mustang, Make Frame rail connectors and many other things.

    I figure it'll take me a little bit to get used to doing this again, but once I get going the first thing I'll be doing with it, is putting front quarterpanles on a '66 VW bug, and a front apron. Should be fun! I'll also be filling in the trim holes and fixing some small rust holes.

    I'll be looking on here for tips, and other ideas once I get this project far enoug along.

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    Welcome to the Forum. I'm sure that you will find things that help with your welding.
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      Well, you picked exactly the right machine for those jobs. I've welded on a couple VW's of that vintage, and found the steel suprisingly easy to blow-through. I highly recommend backing strips wherever possible to give you as bit more meat to weld.

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        Originally posted by Skalywags View Post
        Hi, I live in a place called Savannah, just north of Dallas, and east of Denton.
        Never too many Texans! Bienvenidos, amigo.
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          The Handler 140 is the same machine I used on my Baja and my 63 bug. Even welded in a cage with it. Sounds like you'll have a fun project on your hands.
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