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I'm here now all the way from Texas

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  • I'm here now all the way from Texas

    I'm a new guy.

    Name is Kevin

    I'm a full time fireman and live in the DFW area of Texas. In my off time I build stuff like metal art, fences, carports, etc..

    I currently have a 72 Chevy 3/4 ton truck with a Bobcat 225, Lincoln Mig machine, and Victor torch set, along with the usual grinders and hand tools.

    I read more than I talk, so you probably won't be seeing me put my input in on too many subjects.

    Take care and kindest regards,

    Miller Bobcat 225
    Lincoln Mig
    Victor torch

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    Hi Kevin and welcome to the forum. I've learned a lot on this and other forums. Enjoy it and post when you feel like it. I know that there are a lot guys that don't post a lot, but that's okay. If you have any pics of your work, folks love to see pics.

    My GF's son and family are in Keller so I'm fairly familiar with the DFW metro area. We get down there every couple of months. (do you ever get use to the traffic?)

    Miller MM 210
    Miller Dialarc 250P
    Airco 225 engine driven
    Victor O/A
    Lots of other tools and always wanting more


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      Hey kevin.
      Weld to the message boards, stick around.
      THere is alot of good stuff to be learned.
      The Welder Shop: Welder Reviews and Great Deals On Hobart, Miller and Lincoln Welders.

      The Welding Bible: Handbook on how to arc and gas weld.