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  • Hello from Virginia

    I recently got my first welder (a used Handler 175 with running gear) and found the site searching for information on how to build an extension cord/adapter for running the welder from my 8000 watt generator. I've already found a ton of great information, so I'm sure I'll be back on here frequently.

    I have very little experience with welding (I've only used some stick welders here and there and done some torch cutting on a few demolition jobs), but for a long time I've been wanting to get my own welder so I could learn

    For now, I'm going to get some scrap steel from my brother to mess around with. He's one of the head mechanics for a pretty big steel company, so he can get me some of their job leftovers really cheap (or hopefully free). If I can get enough fairly thin tube steel from them, I want to try and build a headache rack for my Dodge Ram turbo diesel as one of my first projects (anybody got a set of plans??). When I get a few projects under my belt, I'd like to weld in a couple of replacement panels to fix some rusty areas on the truck also.

    The cord I needed to run the welder got finished tonight, so hopefully I'll be trying out the welder soon.
    Handler 175

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    Welcome, johne!

    Johne, you will find a lot of members here who can help provide you answers to questions you might have about mig welding. I'm not one of the mig experts - as I mainly do gas and tig welding and brazing. It's good to have another Dodge Ram owner in our group.