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Greetings from Eastern Canada !

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  • Greetings from Eastern Canada !

    Just signed up here - complete novice that has just completed an intro to welding course for adults looking to get into it as a hobby. We touched on everything in the class - torches, sticks, mig with gas, and tig. I even attemped to run some beads on a piece of aluminum - as humbling an experience as that was, I really liked the TIG unit for it's control, precise-ness, and cleanliness.

    I have a loaner Miller Maxstar 150S from my buddy so I am going to be attempting a few simple projects in this process for a while. Keep an eye out for the barrage of questions in the stick forum. In the meantime, it's great to be aboard and looking forward to learning all sorts of stuff in here.


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    Great to have you on board. Its a great place to learn about all aspects of welding. I personally like TIG best, but we have experts in all fields.
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      Welcome, enjoy all the subjects on the board, lots of good information!
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        As Sarge said, "...lots of good information!" Before getting down to the nuts and bolts of any particular project try searching through the archives here for what others have done previously.
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          Welcome Lewis

          Ton's of knowledge here enjoy



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            Better read this:

            9-11-2001......We Will Never Forget

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