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Welding Helmet for low amp TIG

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  • Welding Helmet for low amp TIG

    I know this has been hashed about and I did a search but hoping there may be some new information out there. I have a new TIG machine and for the foreseeable future, I'll be doing a lot of auto sheet metal repair. Mostly working on 19-22ga sheet metal, around 50A or less. While it is OK for MIG and heavier TIG, my current helmet is not cutting it at the lower end. The view never was very good and it's having sense problems where it shuts off in the middle of a weld or never switches, which is very uncomfortable on the eyes. So I'm in the market for a mid-priced helmet that will work well at the lower end and gives good clarity on esab sentinel a50. I realize quality and features cost. I'm hoping to spend something between $150-$200, with lower being better so I can get a gas lens and other trinkets as well. I think I should be able to get a good one in that price range but I am not seeing a lot of info on performance at low amps.
    Looking for feedback on any models that might be new in the last 2-3 years. The Vulcan looks interesting, heard good things about various Miller or Lincoln models. There are a bunch of names I'm not familiar with on Amazon. Whatever I go with needs to be supported for lens protectors and such. A grinder mode sounds interesting and wasn't available last time I was shopping. There is a weld supply shop in the area but the guy on the phone was not really helpful, so I need to find time to go in.
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