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    OK.. Got a inexpensive $89 AD welding helmet, have had it for probably 9-10 years.... And today it was a absolute pain to use, was in a out of normal position under a riding lawn mower trying to reattach a bracket the came loose... Should have only taken two beads about 1.5 inches long so maybe 10 minutes actual MIG trigger "on" time ... So much for that...

    Must have tried to get helmet into area to see where to weld, and every time it slipped off (maybe 10 time) and no matter what I did the headgear would not keep it in place....

    So how do you identify good replacement head gear or helmet with acceptable head gear.... And no I can't really justify a $500 dollar super duper helmet when I am just a occasional hobby welder....
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    I've no experience with any hoods other than Miller and Jackson. Both have excellent headgear, and when my Jackson's broke, I bought the latest replacement off Amazon, and it was even better.