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    Has anyone tried one of these. I purchased this and haven't had a chance to test it because we just haven't had enough sun to give it a go. $16 plus shipping at Cyberweld. Click image for larger version

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    I've always just cussed loudly and found a way to face a different direction.

    But I suppose I could duct tape a big rag to the back of the hood and be more stylish.


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      Don't really have a problem with glare coming in from back of helmet, but noticed a lot if reflected light common up from under chin area, probable because I had welding jacket open and light colored shirt on yesterday when welding...

      I could see the glare shield in a "constant industrial setting", but really looks awkward for the hobby welder that uses helmet in all positions doing welding where any same person would not try.... Wonder how much bulk it creates and how much it weights and reacted on poorly fitting head gear....

      Think Mac nails it with duct tape and rag...

      As for welding helmet discussions, I pretty much discount the pros and cons of AD vs Solid plate "window" and don't really care about grinder mode, but more and more working with really good head gear, one does not have to fight with every time one shifts position, and how to attach really good "headlight" for old eyes to see where weld is going...

      "Fear The Government That Wants To Take Your Guns" - Thomas Jefferson..


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        I can certainly identify with the cussing comment. Well said Dale. I installed it on my helmet and it is awkward and bulky. Probably won't use it much. I'm considering a velcro attached piece of leather both front and rear. May even try the hood under helmet cape thing. Now if someone would just come up with the perfect helmet lite that has an adjustable luminous setting. I have tried several but they leave much to be desired.