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    A Speedglas 9002NC welding hood showed up on the "For Sale" page of my neighborhood social media platform (Nextdoor). The lady says it is new in the box and is asking $280. I searched Amazon and found one (new) for $213 with free shipping. More research indicates that the item is still in production. I offered her $100. That was about an hour ago and I haven't heard back. Anyone care to offer me advice if the negotiation goes forward? Thank you. ~0le
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    I received a note from the individual offering the Speedglas 9002NC for sale. She indicated that she had an offer of $175 that required her to hand deliver it and another (local) offer for $150, but since I had been the first to respond, she was providing me with the opportunity to match. Looks like I'm out in the cold. I replied that I was still interested and if the others fell through that my offer still stood at $100.

    I did some additional research after making the original post to this discussion board and learned that this particular hood has only two arc sensors and the arc response time is only 1/10,000 second. With those two facts in hand, I probably would not have even bid. Many auto darkening welding hoods have four arc sensors and respond in 1/25,000 second. These two features are at the top of my requirements list. Other research that I did indicates that everyone LOVES Speedglas hoods. That's the way it goes, I guess. ~0le
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      Thank you, weldershelmet, for your kind advice regarding the existence of a welding helmet evaluation and comparison page. I, alas, have a plethora of welding helmets. About seven passive-lens and one Auto-Darkening (Lincoln 3350, with which I am not unhappy).

      The lady with the Speedglas communicated with me a few days later that the others who had initially indicated interest had dropped out. We met at the the parking lot of the local police station at their video-surveillance sales point, and I looked it over. Alas, it wouldn't function out of the box.

      The way I tested it was to face it toward the sun (should go dark), then face it into the shadows (should go light). (Note: It was a sunny day. Not cloudy or overcast. This was the way I tested the Lincoln when I bought it in the parking lot of my Local Welding Supply.) Sadly, she didn't have much of a clue, and I didn't have much real interest in the sale. She claimed that we needed sparks to make the helmet work. She pulled out a cigarette lighter and struck it a few times then flashed it at the sun. Miraculously, it went dark! But then it wouldn't go light when pointed into the shadows. I bowed out. She later sent me an e-mail that her brother had changed the batteries and she'd sold it to someone else for $125. That's the way it is. ~0le
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        Ole, I think you are saying you are happy with your Lincoln 3350 auto-darkening welding helmet. I like mine. I have had mine for over a year with no issues. I don't know how long the batteries last? If I don't use it for a while, I place it out in the sun to charge. Whether this makes a difference I don't know.

        My Lincoln 3350 auto-darkening welding helmet has the 4C technology.
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          Coxhaus, Yes. I am happy with my Lincoln. It, too is a 3350, although not the most current technology. I have replaced the battery once. It is the CR2450 and is readily available. I am impressed with the headgear. Here is a link to one of the Operator's Manuals:
          It is my first Auto Darkening Helmet. I'll never go back. All best wishes, ~0le
          "If a problem can't be solved, enlarge it." (The 34th president of the United States)