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  • Auto darkening helmet

    I have an auto darkening helmet that only lightens a little after done welding. As it is, it’s pretty much useless as an auto darkening helmet. It used to work fine. It is a few years old, but I have used it very little over the years. Now I can barely see out of it. It’s basically just like my non darkening helmet now. I welded outside and inside the shop, and nothing. I mean it works fine as a welding helmet, just not really an auto darkening helmet anymore because of the inability to see out of it in the non welding state. I changed batteries numerous times, made sure the lens and cartridge was clean, but still nothing. It was fairly clean because it was rarely used. I maybe used it 3 dozen times. I went to use it a few days ago and I realized it wasn’t working right. It’s a Lincoln Nexgen EQC. I thought purchasing a little more expensive helmet would have lasted longer. I purchased it new. Any thoughts as to why it stays too dark? Thank you for any input.

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    My Jackson EQC Executive is older than the Nexgens, and is still working perfectly 16 years later. I just upgraded it to the newer headgear last year. My first thought was the cover plate being smoky but you say it's clean, so I've got nothing.


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      I turned on my Nexgen, and put it to shade 10, and it’s only slightly brighter than my fixed shade helmet that has a shade 10 in it. Looking down it’s very dark, maybe about 95% dark, I have to look up at the sky to actually see through it. I look at the sky with both the fixed and auto on shade 10, and the auto is only slightly brighter. I bought a cheap hundred dollar Hobart, because I need an auto darkening helmet for an upcoming job, and looking through that is about like looking through a glass window. I almost forgot how bright they can be. That’s only because I rarely used the Nexgen, only on special jobs. I’d like to have a spare but don’t want to spend roughly 250 bucks for a new Nexgen cartridge. I’ll probably just buy another 100 dollar Hobart. Thanks again for any input.


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        I've been using this Eastwood L6700 for about 9 months or so and it works perfectly....on sale for $64.97

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          Have you tried lowering the sensitivity setting?
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